Bitcoin Cash Classic (BCC) is Bitcoin Cash

Any serious discussion on the fundamental nature of "what Bitcoin is" must be based in rational arguments and data, rather than "because we say so" rhetoric.

Roger Ver

A Fork Too Hard

In November, a small group of developers and exchanges managed to wrest control over the legacy Bitcoin ASICBoost Client (Bitcoin ABC) and have taken it far from Roger Ver's original vision. This attack fork of the software and blockchain adds a new Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) that ultimately punishes miners for participating in the free market economy of competing Bitcoin forks.

Take Back Cash!

Bitcoin ASICBoost Client Classic

Build the classic ASICBoost Client node software

Source and build docs can be found in the GitHub project.

Bonus: Run a stratum wallet daemon (like electrumx) so Eleclassictron Cash and other light wallets can transact with your node.

Eleclassictron Cash

Eleclassictron Cash Light Wallet

Download the lightweight stratum wallet for easy spending and saving of Bitcoin Cash Classic.